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We’re so social online, but seem to struggle to find ways to be around people.

We have however found a communal space in the real world that is often close by, often familiar and often cosy. It is the café.

At your local café, hipsters can count calories over a chai latte, in the same room as mothers fuss over spilt babycinos, alongside a table of fanatic football heads arguing losses. We’re secretly thrilled that we know the owners and that we can compare roasted beans. We boast about the perfectly poached egg and rejoice in being served foam and popping candy for breakfast. We use it to take a breather and be amongst people.

Scuttlebean was created to showcase the design of each space through photos and to tell the tale of the life that surround it.

It is a unique space unique to this time. Let’s revel in it…

Ira & Adrian