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The story of the Common Galaxia fish is one that details a stubborn little whitebait surviving the change of its Maribyrnong River environment. The story of Common Galaxia café in Seddon may just follow the same path as it’s finned namesake.

Originally a venture from the Dead Man Espresso duo Luke and Kylie, Paul and his family took over the reigns last October 2013. The interior, from Fido Projects, merges the textures of concrete and ply to create a very sinuous space; clean panels, symmetric lines and uniform detailing. The full warehouse windows provide floor to ceiling views of the street that now holds additional café tables. Other changes include a re-jigging of the fittings to accommodate prammed-mothers and an extension of the menu adding freshly squeezed juice, gluten-free baked goods, and an incidental amount of dishes that include avocado. Whether the avocado is a side or the hero, I’m told crates of avocado are purchased weekly to satiate our obsessed café community.

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Following the success of gluten free Pizza Farro in Northcote, Vince is taking on the brunch menu with Pomona. He is gluten-intolerant himself so he offers a wheat-free menu with seasonal produce, some grown in the backyard of the café.

Before you scoff at the wheat-free angle, imagining cardboard on a mound of lentils, there really is very little around the café that highlights this fact. The focus seems to be on tasty food with the unspoken bonus that it’s good for you. Oh and Vince won the Great Aussie Pie competition and best pizza last year – with gluten free dough (???!).

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