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The thing about a naughty boy is that there’s always something else happening behind the scenes; something more that’s causing the craziness.

The “more”, it seems, can now be found on Lygon Street. Ash and Dan’s Naughty Boy café has been open for 8 weeks and they’re keeping their boy in line, for now.

Having enjoyed a well-deserved break from the sale of Mama Bear in Flemington, Ash and Dan have set up yet another establishment, this time breathing life into a quiet strip of shops on Lygon Street. Previously an old-school pizza shop and chemist, the renovations may have caused an initial shake-up, but the finished product is now a welcome option outside the usual Lygon street traffic.

Naughty Boy echoes some design features from their previous cafes, once again using Blender studios for an internal mural, exposed brick walls, Edison lighting and 1930’s pressed metal, this time used along the bar. A wallpaper mural of an elevator, crate and log lighting also adds some fun to the industrial space.

Testament to Dan and Ash’s business acumen, the same Mama Bear crew follows the boys north, with chef Mark continuing his extensive and modern offerings. Always seasonal, meals are generous and beautifully presented with options of “usual” or “posh” sides. Licensed too, your long lunches are set.

So what is the “more” behind Naughty Boy? Dan explains it quite simply as “having fun”. After spotting the location for this café, he and Ash decide whether they can picture themselves on that potential “stage” having a good time. “We’ll stop when it’s no longer fun”.

Where: 499-501 Lygon Street Carlton North
When to go: Monday to Friday 7.30am – 4.00pm, Saturday & Sunday 8.00am – 4.00pm
What to order: Rice pudding with seasonal berries
Coffee highlight: AllPress single origin

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George and Sam’s Stovetop café sits in the world of university students and new build. The challenge has been to incorporate the transient and frugal behaviour of this community, in a space that’s modern and warm. The key for Stovetop has been simplicity.

Robert from Piece Design is behind the look of the café with extensive experience in the retail and restaurant trade, so the elements are functional and graphic. The details to note include the feature light that if seen from a certain angle forms the Stovetop logo, and the design of the kitchen that sits within a house-shaped frame. This is an in-joke where they can proudly state that their kitchen literally produces “in-house” goods, but also allows the kitchen staff to view the floor rather than closing the space altogether. The overall sensibility is Scandinavian with whitewashed herringbone wood panels, Volker Haug globes, and blonde wooden stools and benches. The white besser blocks are a nod to 1960’s suburbia, and with some greenery and a retro phone-table there is that touch of home.

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