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Paris, an Aunt’s secret recipe, and a wide-eyed traveler looking for that new adventure.

Josephine started making macarons in her Aunt’s kitchen in Paris. They made them by hand and they made them because they enjoyed making them. Josephine doesn’t even really eat macarons. It’s just the process, the achievement in creating something beautiful.

Fortunately for us, Josephine has taken her craft to our side of world.

Wanting to travel around Australia, Josephine hit our Melbourne shores/airport 5 years ago and never really left. It’s probably more accurate that she hit Brunswick shores/streets and never left.

Like many of our backpacking visitors, waitressing was the main game, but on the side, Josephine kept perfecting her craft, making and wholesaling small batches of macarons to cafes around Melbourne. In 2012, convinced she was going to stay and make a business of this macaron-ing, she opened By Josephine café in Brunswick, conveniently and strategically located opposite the foodie haven; Albert St Food and Wine Store.

The design of the café is the work of friend Anne-Sophie of Salvaged doors painted white wall the space, cleverly incorporating shelving and cabinets for her many handmade jams and pickles. A display of pretty china plates and the odd tea-cups bring a feminine touch, but it is an overall clean, fresh space with much care taken in the detail. Not unlike the macarons themselves.

In her working week, Josephine holds macaron-making workshops on the days that she’s not bottling jams, or pickling pumpkin, or catering a function or making hundreds of her famed salted caramel macarons. And she doesn’t even like salted caramel!

Where: 365 Sydney Rd Brunswick
When to go: Wednesday – Saturday 9am – 5pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm.
What to order: So many sweet treats to choose from, but maybe go off the main road and try her smoked salmon tartine. As well as the macarons of course.