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The thing about a naughty boy is that there’s always something else happening behind the scenes; something more that’s causing the craziness.

The “more”, it seems, can now be found on Lygon Street. Ash and Dan’s Naughty Boy café has been open for 8 weeks and they’re keeping their boy in line, for now.

Having enjoyed a well-deserved break from the sale of Mama Bear in Flemington, Ash and Dan have set up yet another establishment, this time breathing life into a quiet strip of shops on Lygon Street. Previously an old-school pizza shop and chemist, the renovations may have caused an initial shake-up, but the finished product is now a welcome option outside the usual Lygon street traffic.

Naughty Boy echoes some design features from their previous cafes, once again using Blender studios for an internal mural, exposed brick walls, Edison lighting and 1930’s pressed metal, this time used along the bar. A wallpaper mural of an elevator, crate and log lighting also adds some fun to the industrial space.

Testament to Dan and Ash’s business acumen, the same Mama Bear crew follows the boys north, with chef Mark continuing his extensive and modern offerings. Always seasonal, meals are generous and beautifully presented with options of “usual” or “posh” sides. Licensed too, your long lunches are set.

So what is the “more” behind Naughty Boy? Dan explains it quite simply as “having fun”. After spotting the location for this café, he and Ash decide whether they can picture themselves on that potential “stage” having a good time. “We’ll stop when it’s no longer fun”.

Where: 499-501 Lygon Street Carlton North
When to go: Monday to Friday 7.30am – 4.00pm, Saturday & Sunday 8.00am – 4.00pm
What to order: Rice pudding with seasonal berries
Coffee highlight: AllPress single origin

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Paris, an Aunt’s secret recipe, and a wide-eyed traveler looking for that new adventure.

Josephine started making macarons in her Aunt’s kitchen in Paris. They made them by hand and they made them because they enjoyed making them. Josephine doesn’t even really eat macarons. It’s just the process, the achievement in creating something beautiful.

Fortunately for us, Josephine has taken her craft to our side of world.

Wanting to travel around Australia, Josephine hit our Melbourne shores/airport 5 years ago and never really left. It’s probably more accurate that she hit Brunswick shores/streets and never left.

Like many of our backpacking visitors, waitressing was the main game, but on the side, Josephine kept perfecting her craft, making and wholesaling small batches of macarons to cafes around Melbourne. In 2012, convinced she was going to stay and make a business of this macaron-ing, she opened By Josephine café in Brunswick, conveniently and strategically located opposite the foodie haven; Albert St Food and Wine Store.

The design of the café is the work of friend Anne-Sophie of Salvaged doors painted white wall the space, cleverly incorporating shelving and cabinets for her many handmade jams and pickles. A display of pretty china plates and the odd tea-cups bring a feminine touch, but it is an overall clean, fresh space with much care taken in the detail. Not unlike the macarons themselves.

In her working week, Josephine holds macaron-making workshops on the days that she’s not bottling jams, or pickling pumpkin, or catering a function or making hundreds of her famed salted caramel macarons. And she doesn’t even like salted caramel!

Where: 365 Sydney Rd Brunswick
When to go: Wednesday – Saturday 9am – 5pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm.
What to order: So many sweet treats to choose from, but maybe go off the main road and try her smoked salmon tartine. As well as the macarons of course.

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What happens when a retired Italian butcher from Essendon meets the grandson of an English butcher? They build a café of course!

Sure, not the most obvious answer, but that’s how Wilfred Smith was created.

The site of the café is a renovated butcher shop on a hill, a solitary store amongst suburban houses. The owner has leased the premises to Matt, a long-standing member of the restaurant world in his first venture into café-dom.

It seems fit then to name a previous butcher shop after another butcher; Matt’s grandfather Wilfred Smith. Fate sealed the deal.

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The story of the Common Galaxia fish is one that details a stubborn little whitebait surviving the change of its Maribyrnong River environment. The story of Common Galaxia café in Seddon may just follow the same path as it’s finned namesake.

Originally a venture from the Dead Man Espresso duo Luke and Kylie, Paul and his family took over the reigns last October 2013. The interior, from Fido Projects, merges the textures of concrete and ply to create a very sinuous space; clean panels, symmetric lines and uniform detailing. The full warehouse windows provide floor to ceiling views of the street that now holds additional café tables. Other changes include a re-jigging of the fittings to accommodate prammed-mothers and an extension of the menu adding freshly squeezed juice, gluten-free baked goods, and an incidental amount of dishes that include avocado. Whether the avocado is a side or the hero, I’m told crates of avocado are purchased weekly to satiate our obsessed café community.

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